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Poaching, for those who are unaware, is the illegal killing of wild plants or animals.  They are people who hunt endangered species such as seahorses, rhinoceros horns, tiger bones and claws and many many more. The parts of the animal are sold to dealers who make clothes, jewelry and other materials for them. The main reason they poach is for the hide, ivory, horn, teeth and bones. Some common methods used are:

Snare Wire: Cables that are tied to trees to trap animals. It is put in a position that it can capture the animal by the neck to strangle the animal as it struggles to free itself. These are popular in Kenya and Tanzania.

Trap Nets: The net is placed at the end of an area where poachers, sometimes using the assistance of dogs, chase the animal into it. When the animal is trapped, the poachers spear them.

Pitfalls: Used for larger animals such as elephants, zebras and buffaloes. The pits are dug and covered with grass and tree branches to hide them. The animals either chased or they provoke the animal to chasing them in the direction of the pit. Then the animals are killed, mostly for ivory.




Overfishing has become a very large issue to many different marine animals. Here are some of the types of animals being affected.

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Hammerhead Shark, Mexico.

Nearly 40 million Hammerhead Sharks are being killed annually for their fins, which are used in the delicacy Shark fin soup. (See earlier post on shark fining). As you know from earlier in my blog, I am very against the unethical act of fining sharks. It is a cruel and unnecessary process. First the shark is captured then while it is still alive and scared the fins are cut off and the sharks are thrown back into the ocean to die.



Megafish, Cambodia

Many of these fish are already threatened or endangered due to over fishing.


Atlantic Codfish, Iceland

Atlantic Cod is fished for the classic British meal of fish and chips. They are found in the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. They can grow up to 2 meters in length and weigh anywhere from 5-12 kilograms. (11-26lbs).


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The Sea of Blood…

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The brutal massacre of innocent Dolphins in Denmark.

This is simply a shame for the human race. I could not believe when a close friend told me about these killings. In Feroe Islands, Denmark every year the young boys of the island go to the beach and kill innocent animals (known as Dolphin killing festivals) and for what? Food? Protection? No. Only to show off there newly attained “Adulthood”. This act of cruelty is supposed to show independence and strength of the men. Well guess what, it doesn’t. There is no way in hell that killing innocent animals can make you anymore of a man, all it shows is how heartless and cruel you are. Dolphins are playful animals that only feel curiosity towards human kind with no intentions of harming us, so why should we harm them?  The dolphins are leeward onto the beach then trapped and killed by these barbarous people.  It is hard to believe that this bloody massacre still takes place in this day and age.  Not only are dolphins slaughtered, but whales also. I cannot comprehend what must go through the minds of these monsters. A lot of people are unaware of these killings so please help spread the word so we can stop themadness!

African Wild Dog

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The now endangered African Wild dog, also known as the cape hunting dog, can be found in the savanna woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa.  It is a medium sized dog with a white tipped tail that can grow as long as 16 inches.  Adult dogs weigh between 40-80 lb. Their coats can vary in color with blotches of black, white, and orange or yellow.  They are thin and muscular with powerful jaws and sharp teeth. They have excellent vision for catching their prey and can run very fast. The live in packs with up to 15 dogs including the young. In each pack there are 2 dominant adults, 1 male and 1 female. Usually the two are mates. Females give birth to litters of anywhere from 7 to over 20 pups and all the members of the pack take care of the young.  The pups stay in underground burrows and are guarded at all times by the 1 or 2 adults while the rest go out and hunt. They are fed regurgitated meat by any of the hunters. Their diets consist of mainly medium-sized gazelles but have also been seen taking on larger animals such as wildebeests.

These dogs have gotten a bad reputation for being killers and cruel so have often been killed by humans. I think this is wrong because we are entering their domain and they are just trying so survive and protect their young like they have for many many years. We cannot punish them for doing what nature taught them to do.  Farmers mostly frown upon the dogs because small livestock is target prey for the dogs.  Most farmers shoot or poison the dogs. I feel this is very cruel of them to do and instead should have the proper fencing and keep a better eye on his animals. However, the species is protected and it is now illegal to kill a wild dog.

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