Tree Kangaroo

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 Tree Kangaroos are found only in the rainforests of Australia, West Papua and Papua New Guinea. They are on the endangered list because of the constant destruction of their homes. They live in mountains cloud forests at elevations of up to 11,000 feet and spend most of their life in trees. They are Herbivores and primarily eat tree leaves but also consume flowers, grass shoots, ferns, moss and bark.

 Female Kangaroos give birth to usually 1 offspring at a time after a period of about 44 days of being pregnant. The young Kangaroos are known as “Joeys”.  The Joeys craws into the mothers pouch where it nurses. The Joey remains there for about 8-10 months while the mother protects, cleans and grooms her baby. The Joey continues to feed inside the pouch for 1-2 months after the baby leaves the pouch. They are weaned at approximately 13 months old. They leave their mothers and establish a home range at around 18 months old.

 Little information is known about the social interactions between Tree Kangaroos. It is believed that they are fairly solitary animals. Scientists believe that they are polygamous and that the males interact with several different females. The females are very independent and the only strong bonds are between mother and Joey. 




Dholes’ – Lives That Must Not Be Left To Fade

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Dholes’ – Lives That Must Not Be Left To Fade.

A major threat to Sea Turtles

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As you all might be aware of from my resent blog posts, over fishing has already become a huge issue. But, what I’ve learned from a recent trip to the Vancouver Aquarium is that many other marine lives are killed or injured during these fishing acts. I was already aware of this however I did not know just how big of an issue it actually was getting to be. It was a great experience and I encourage anyone who can to take a trip to the Aquarium to see for themselves. I went with the rest of my classmates for the Biology course I am currently taking. We got to go behind the scenes and see all the different marine life up close and meet with marine biologists to discuss the different issues is our oceans.

Out of all the threats that sea turtles are faced with, bycatch (the capture of the turtles in fishing gear) is the most serious.  Approx.40% of all animals caught in fisheries are discarded as trash. Sea turtles are not the only ones affected by this, many other different species of marine animals and sea birds are also being harmed. Approximately 1000 dolphins die as bycatch every year, and that’s only in the Eastern Tropical Pacific tuna fishery. The animals that are caught that are released are usually injured having to fend for themselves; their fate after being released is unknown. Longlines containing thousands of baited hooks on lines that can be tens of miles long hook and entangle many animals and fish. Pelagic (meaning open ocean) longline fisheries are responsible for the critically endangered status of the Pacific Leatherback turtles. In the last couple of decades, the population has declined as much as 95%.

How can we help? You can help eliminate fisheries bycatch by choosing seafood that is sustainable and fished according to regulations. 




Swedish Fur Farms

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Shocking videos and photographs where taken at an investigation through the fur farms in Sweden. Many injured minks where found crammed into filthy wire cages, never allowed to feel the earth beneath their feet or dive into a cool stream. Minks are semi-Aquatic, solitary animals. At the farms they receive no veterinary care and many suffer from open wounds and infections. The over crowding causes severe psychological distress for these animals.

Every year, the fur industry heartlessly kills approx. 50 million Animals, many being skinned alive. They need YOU to help them and help fight this cruelty! Please sign the pledge to end this all.  

❤ —>  pledge to go fur-free  <— ❤

                       How a Mink should be living, in the wild free and happy……..

How many are actually living…… (WARNING: The truth will disturb many of you)…….

Michael Vick aka Monster.

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Most of you may have heard about the superstar American quarterback Michael Dwayne Vick of the NFL and all of his victories within the sport. Sure, he may be a Football legend to many but to me he is a monster and always will be. In April 2007, he was implicated in an illegal interstate of a dog-fighting ring that was running for over 5 years! In April 2007 he pleaded guilty and served only 21 months in prison followed by 2 months in home confinement. In July 2008, he filed for bankruptcy due to the loss of his NFL salary and product endorsement deals because lets be honest, who would want their product associated with this dog killer? The dog-fighting ring was found on a drug investigation at his home in southeast Virginia. Gruesome details involving abuse, torture and execution of under-performing dogs galvanized animal rights activists and public outrage. Vicks ring was known as “Bad News Kennels”. He was accused of directly participating in dogfights and executions and handling thousands of dollars in related gambling activities. Over 70 dogs, mostly Pit bull terriers, many of them showing injuries were seized along with physical evidence. It is people like Michael Vick who greatly contribute to the wide spread hate on the beautiful breed that is the Pit bull.

Vicks response:

In late April 2007, Vick was quoted,

“I’m never at the house…I left the house with my family members and my cousin…They just haven’t been doing the right thing… It’s unfortunate I have to take the heat behind it. If I’m not there, I don’t know what’s going on.”

It’s sad he puts all the blame on his own family members. He also said at the time “It’s a call for me to really tighten down on who I’m trying to take care of…. Lesson learned for me.”

BUT, on August 20th 2007 Vicks lawyer Billy Martin said “Mr. Vick has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to those charges and to accept full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made. Michael wishes to apologize again to everyone who has been hurt by this matter.”

On August 24th it was announced that Vick signed a plea agreement and issued a statement admitting his participation and funding of the dog-fighting ring. He was fined $250,000. Although he paid the fine and did his time, it doesn’t make up for what he did and nothing can. Animals are not on this earth for us to abuse and use for our own sick forms of entertainment. They deserve loving homes and loving families. People like Vick do not deserve the privilege to own and feel the love from any living creature.

If you wish to read more about the trail, please visit the links below.

Vick plea agreement 8-24-2007

Vick summary of facts 8-24-2007

 The following Dogs are survivors from the bad newz kennels:

Bred to kill

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Canada’s List of Endangered Animals

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What do we mean when we say a species in endangered?

The term “endangered species” is on that is frequently heard everyday whether it is media or casual conversation. It is a species that is determined to be disappearing at a rate that is most likely going to resolve in extinction in the near future. Most governments keep a list of Endangered and Threatened species that occur within their borders. 

Canada’s Endangered list is called ‘Species At Risk Public Registry’. This list includes over 600 Canadian plants and animals. Based on how rapidly the species is declining, they are classified as either Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern.

Mammals – 18 Endangered, 12 Threatened and 17 species of Special Concern. Some Endangered animals include 2 different caribou species, Ord’s kangaroo rat, the Pacific water shrew, Eastern Wolverine and 7 Whales.

Birds – 27 Endangered, 20 Threatened Species and 19 of Special Concern. Some include Northern bobwhite quail, Acadian flycatcher, Ivory Gull, Eskimo curlew, white-headed woodpecker and the burrowing owl.

Reptiles – 14 Endangered, 13 threatened and 9 of Special Concern. The Endangered Reptiles include, Eastern foxsnake, Western painted turtle, leatherback sea turtle and Blanding’s turtle.

Fish – 25 Endangered, 13 Threatened and 22 of Special Concern. Nooksack dace, pugnose shiner, inner Bay of Fundy population of Atlantic Salmon, basking sharks, 4 species of sturgeon, 8 species of sticklebacks and the Atlantic White Fish.

Insects and other arthropods – 18 endangered, 6 threatened, and 5 of special concern. Some included are, dusky dune moth, non-pollinating Yucca moth, and the cobblestone tiger beetle.

Mollusks– 12 Endangered, 2 Threatened, 4 of Special Concern.

The Species At Risk Public Registry also lists Canadian species that have been extirpated from an entire region or have gone completely extinct. It includes the prairie population of Grizzly Bears, Black-footed Ferret, Atlantic Walrus, Grey Whale, Timber Rattlesnake and the Karner blue Butterfly.

Image (Killer Whale)


Image(Western painted turtle)

Image(Grizzly Bear)

(Ord’s Kangaroo Rat) 

Please look for any of these logos next time you go buy your makeup, shampoo, soap or any other cosmetic product

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These are not the only logos that show a product is not tested on animals. Please read the back and look for any logos along these lines or it will say in small print at the bottom. If you are still unsure please call the company or do some research on the brand. 🙂


Peta Good vs.Bad. You be the judge.

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Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), is a large animal rights campaign that include ending fur and leather use, meet, dairy, fishing and many other issues by the use of celebrity supporters and many famous campaign slogans and sex appeal. It is the largest animal rights organization in the world and has more than 3 million members and supporters. Its 4 main areas of focus are Factory farms, clothing trade, lab testing on animals and the entertainment industry. Peta has in fact achieved many amazing victories for animals. Top names such as Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren and WetSeal have stopped selling fur thanks to the campaigns from Peta. Many cosmetics, Revlon for example, has also stopped testing on animals. Also Peta has spayed and neutered thousands and thousands of animals through there spay and neuter clinics. Many famous people model or support Peta such as Kloe Kardashian, Yvonne Strahovski, Sean Kingston, Pink, Pamela Anerson, Nigel Barker and many many more.

Peta encourages vegetarianism and is  a very big threat to KFC and other fast food restaurants. I myself am not a Vegetarian however I do not eat much meat. I don’t feel there is anything wrong if you are buying your meat from companies that you can trust. It’s the circle of life and happens everyday in the animal kingdom. I also don’t feel being vegetarian is a bad thing, it’s a way of life and everybody should be allowed to choose how they live. I would never judge a vegetarian or vegan negatively and I respect the fact that they take a stand for what they believe in.

Although, with every organization comes a few flaws.

There is a huge controversy whether or not Peta is a good or bad campaign. Peta in fact DOES have the highest uthanization records. But you also need to look at it from both sides. Although many animals are being humanly put down, they do get a very high number of animals that would be impossible to find homes to every single animal. Another issue is with the Pitbull ban.  Here are a few quotes from Peta:

 “Nice” families rarely visit shelters in search of pit bulls, and pit bulls from unknown backgrounds don’t always make good family additions.

“Bans on breeding or acquiring new pit bulls (provided that such laws grandfather-in registered, well-cared for, spayed and neutered dogs) protect pit bulls from horrendous suffering by helping to prevent them from ending up in the hands of cruel people.”

 I do agree that it can be hard to find a pitbull a good family because of all the rumors and bad publicity and also with people buying them for the wrong reasons. So we have to take extra caution to where these animals are actually going to. I however do not agree with the ban on pitbulls but it is going to be difficult to change their reputation. Peta I think also understands this and feels that the bad reputation is too damaged to change  and would rather the breed be stopped then many be mistreated and owned by the wrong people.

 So, Does by saving countless animals by providing good homes, stopped many from being tested on, mistreated or abused and help greatly spread the word about animals and the help they need, make up for their high uthanization rates and there support on the Pitbull ban? You be the judge.

Also, Do you feel Peta should be put to an end? Or should they just use their millions of dollars and supporters for different reasons? 

Don’t shop! Spay, neuter and ADOPT! Gabby’s Story…

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There are many animals in your community that need loving homes. Please take extra caution when buying your new pet. If you buy from a breeder make sure they aren’t actually running a puppy or kitty mill and are good to the animals. Do a background check. And make sure to check your local L.A.P.S or other animal shelters before you make your decision. You will save a life and most likely save money. These animals deserve another chance and you can give it to them!

Gabby’s Story; from puppy mill worker to loving family member. 

 With min-pins being her breed of choice, my Grandmother has recently adopted a sweet heart miniature pinscher named Gabby. Miniature pinschers make great pets and although are feisty at times, are very lovable sweet dogs. When the lady came to let Gabby meet my grandmother before she has made her decision, the owner brought all of Gabby’s things and seemed really eager to get rid of her dog. After seeing her there was no way my grandma could say no. All she came with was a ratty old blanket and a bag of food. The lady informed us that Gabby was 2 years old. For the longest time Gabby was shy an unsociable. She tried to play with toys but you could tell it was all so new to her. Looking at from her tummy, we could tell that Gabby has had many puppies in her life.

At christmas time, we all went to my grandmother’s house. One of the gifts that was opened was a small little hamster that made sounds and crawled around on the ground. When Gabby saw this she ran right to it, picked it up with her mouth and brought it back to her bed. Mistaking it for a live animal, she would not let anyone come near the toy and would bathe it and protect it like it was a child of hers. This and a trip to the veterinarian’s  office confirmed that Gabby used to work in a puppy mill and was older than she was said to be. You could tell she had a hard life from the grey hairs around her face and her protection of her family and the little toy. We let her keep the toy not wanting another one of her babies to be taken away. 

After a few months, Gabby has come along way. She went from not leaving her bed to being a full-time lap dog and following my grandma and grandpa around the house. She would even sneak into my grandmother’s room at night to sleep next to her. Countless times have they woken up to Gabby in her own bed with a sock or little piece of my grandmas clothing beside her that was not there the night before. Today she loves to play and be around people and is living in a doggie paradise. 




Don’t shop! Spay, neuter and ADOPT!  





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