Swedish Fur Farms

April 13, 2012 § 5 Comments

Shocking videos and photographs where taken at an investigation through the fur farms in Sweden. Many injured minks where found crammed into filthy wire cages, never allowed to feel the earth beneath their feet or dive into a cool stream. Minks are semi-Aquatic, solitary animals. At the farms they receive no veterinary care and many suffer from open wounds and infections. The over crowding causes severe psychological distress for these animals.

Every year, the fur industry heartlessly kills approx. 50 million Animals, many being skinned alive. They need YOU to help them and help fight this cruelty! Please sign the pledge to end this all.  

❤ —>  pledge to go fur-free  <— ❤

                       How a Mink should be living, in the wild free and happy……..

How many are actually living…… (WARNING: The truth will disturb many of you)…….

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