Furgotten ?

May 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

In Canada, there are over 1.6 million animals suffering on Fur Farms. The most common animals are minks and foxes. Calling it “farming” attempts to create an idyllic image of happy animals running free. But reality is, these creatures are inhumanely confined to tiny cages and cruelly treated.

The good breeders will be kept for several years then they are painfully killed or skinned alive for fur clothing and other products. The cages have wire mesh bottoms making it difficult to walk. Mink cages are approximately 1’x3’ while fox cages are only about 3’x3’. The space decreases when they raise their young. The cages and water containers are filthy. The dirty water can result in serious health problems and infections.

 In 2007 Lifeforce did an investigation on fur farm operations in Canada. What was found was tens of thousands of minks in British Columbia were absolutely appalling. In addition, there were no emergency plans in the case of fire. If one where to break out, thousands of animals would perish. The Fur Farm Act in B.C basically covers licensing requirements-not the health and well being of the animals. Inspections are not routine and are only related to risk and complication.

The killing of these animals is absolutely atrocious! Foxes are electrocuted by inserting a rod in the anal/vaginal cavity while they clamp on piece of metal inserted into their mouths. Methods to kill mink, rabbit and chinchillas include gassing (putting them in a box and exposing them to car exhaust), lethal injection of poison into the stomach, neck breaking and head clubbing. The skinned bodies are used for crab bait and aquarium/zoo animal feed. However, most of them are rendered down for pet food/shampoo, cosmetic products, soaps, leather creams and other byproducts.

 How to end the killing?

  1. Boycott fur products
  2. Contact your MLA to stop fur farm licensing and trapping.
  3. Contact your MP to ban all fur imports that includes Persian lamb, fox, mink, muskrat, raccoon, and others such as cats and dogs.
  4. Watch and share the “furgotten” Video…


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