Endangered Animals

May 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

Giant Panda. The Pandas forest habitat on the mountainous area of southwest China has become fragmented creating small isolated populations. It is the rarest member of the bear family among the worlds most threatened species. China has many Panda reserves protecting more then 2.5 million acres, protecting more then 60% of the population.

Tiger. Because of Accelerating deforestation and rampant poaching there are less then 3,200 Panthera Tigers left in the world. They are poached for their body parts, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine, and their skins. The Panthera tiger is the world’s largest cat. Out of the 6 subspecies off tigers, 3 have gone extinct in the last 80 years.

Polar Bear. Global climate change is greatly affecting the Arctic’s polar bears from the rapid loss of sea ice. Other factors threatening the polar bears are pollution, poaching, and industrial impact. In 2008, scientists estimated that there might be 20,000-25,000 of them, which today would be a lot less.

Magellanic Penguin. These penguins where once threatened primarily by oil spills and now face a larger threat as fish are displaced by warming ocean currents, forcing the birds to swim farther to find food. Many penguins have washed up on beaches around Rio de Janeiro, many dead. 12 out of the 17 Penguin species are currently experiencing rapid population decline.

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  • Carisa Autry says:

    Hi: many thanks for getting time of producing up this advice. I consistently endeavor to additionally my idea of items. Irrespective of whether I agree or disagree, I really like details. I bear in mind the old days when the only supply of specifics was the library or even the newspaper. They the two look so out of date. Please Pardon my rough english : )

  • It should be added that while there are only around 3,200 tigers left in the wild, there are thousands more in captivity. There’s 7,000+ kept as pets in the US alone. I’m not even going to get started on the Polar Bear issue again.

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